DESIGNER 宇津木えり Eri Utsugi
1966年3月20日東京都生まれ。86年に女子美術短期大学衣服デザイン教室を卒業後エスモード・ジャポンに入学。87年渡仏。パリのステュディオベルソーに入学し、1年間学んだ後88年帰国。同年株式会社ウィットの「ズッカ」に入社。94年にはティーシーの「ツモリ チサト」に入社、99年「クレプリ」ブランドを発表。2000年株式会社ビギに入社。02年春夏シーズンに「フラボア」をスタート。05年株式会社エイ・ネットに入社、06年「メルシーボークー」をスタート。

Born in Tokyo, Eri Utsugi graduated from Apparel Design Course at Joshibi Junior College of Art and Design in 1986. After studying at ESMOD JAPON for a year, she enrolled in Studio Bercot in Paris. Following her one year study, she returned home. She built up her practical experiences in several apparel companies in Japan and worked for the brand which participated in the Tokyo Collection, as a designer. In 2005, she joined A-net Inc. and mercibeaucoup, was launched. In March 2006, mercibeaucoup, was first introduced at the ’06-’07 A/W Tokyo Collection Week (JFW in TOKYO). Since then, she has been presenting her collections at the Tokyo Collection.